The World is a Web

Greetings, Readers ~

I have recently been monitoring the news, which is highly uncharacteristic of me. With the state of the economy and decline of our once-great country, curiosity about “why” has me searching for answers. Following my review of current issues and the way they are presented to the masses, I am reminded of why I am a “shake the web” type of person.

For those unfamiliar with my web-is-life analogy, I view the world this way. Our actions are like a huge spider web. The web I weave in my life has many strands which are made up of my lifestyle, decisions and actions. My web represents how I live my life, and how I treat others. When I do something, it shakes my web. It can also immediately shake the webs of those people I care for because many parts our webs (lives) are woven together.

Additionally, there are strands on my individual web that connect my life to the bigger web, which is the world’s web. Hence, my actions “shake the web” not only for my own life, but in the big picture too.

People in higher political leadership positions shake the web in a much more significant way by virtue of the fact that their decisions and actions often affect the masses. My observation, and I believe the observations of many others, is that they have somehow lost the vision of what is best for this country. Not only are they shaking the web in a negative way, they are literally taxing it to the point where it will fail to sustain life as we know it. We know what happens when something too heavy gets into a web. The structure is either permanently damaged or rips apart completely. On our present path, the damage is already obvious. There is no good excuse for humans to behave in such a way, without regard to the generation behind ours.

Try as I may to view our political and economic situation positively, I can only see a great divide between people the past many years made up of the right and the left. There are other affiliations amidst, but those two are sucking up the air in every room. The ongoing debates, arguments, put downs and other negative actions are not making anything better. Every sane human being knows that fighting about things improves nothing.

And it never will.

We teach our children to get along and play nice together. Though our schools are cracking under the pressure of a breaking system, the good educators still teach the young ones to get along and work as a team. In our jobs, we work together for the boss or system’s common goal. Meanwhile, the politically-educated “adults” who are in the know keep on fighting. This is hypocrisy at its best.

We could just tell the truth about what is occurring but that is risky business today, especially depending on your chosen career. The growing “PC” rules that exist in our society prevent us from telling the whole truth. This is unfortunate, because most people know that telling the truth immediately and permanently solves a myriad of problems. The rules surrounding what is and is not “politically correct” are governing us right into unfathomable failure. This need not be.

Regardless the current issues of the day, my bottom line remains consistent. Without the ability to speak the whole truth, and in the absence of people’s willingness to perform those actions that are truly for the greater good, nothing can change. Actually, that’s not entirely true, is it? It can change. It can continue to get worse until this planet cannot sustain life as it should. Even if the planet itself survives, the system will continue to fail those of us who breathe life into it with our taxpayer dollars. Either way, it’s an epic failure.

I would encourage everyone to at least consider the possibility of the web as it exists in your life. Ensure that when you make your decisions and take action, it is not only beneficial for you but also for those around you. If our actions benefit us at the cost of others (or the masses, which is the case today in the U.S. at the “top”) negativity is created. Nothing good can come back to us when we have created a web that is ripped and falling apart.

And what of the future of our children? What we have created, they will inherit. No responsible parent would purposefully and willingly leave their children a broken mess. Yet, that is exactly what is happening now.

Shaking the web is a natural law, so you and I didn’t get to vote on it. It seems to work together for the greater good, when we adhere to its principles. Perhaps your God defines that for you as “reap what you sow”. Others may call it something different. Regardless the verbiage, it is all the same concept. It seems to work the same for everyone regardless of religion, politics, culture or upbringing.

In my own life, I have seen this universal law in action. I have no idea how it works, I just know it does. The good news is, I have not been commissioned by any great universal being to try to define this law and convince others that it works only in this one, single way. All I need to know is that I put out good, and good comes back to me. I do my best to make decisions that are best for not only me, but those around me as well. That said, there are circumstances when we must make a decision for our own good that vicariously hurts someone else. Generally, those types of circumstances arise because of us putting ourselves in a situation that has become unhealthy for us. Even so, the grown ups in the room try their best to resolve whatever issues exist before making any painful decisions that may cause consequence to another person.

If every single person were to shake the web for the greater good, I believe our lives would be more positive. That action would affect everything. As well, the current tenor of our country would improve. This country’s web has strands that are connected with other countries as well.

Imagine how our planet’s problems could clear up if each of us, individually and otherwise, always took careful consideration of what is good for not only our lives, but the other lives too.

Be Well,


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We don't see things as they are. We see things as we are.
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4 Responses to The World is a Web

  1. Grace Sanner says:

    This reminds me of an exercise I took part in during a leadership seminar. Everyone stood in a circle while the facilitator, with a ball of yarn, stood in the middle. He began by throwing the ball to one in the circle who then tossed it to someone across from him. After this was done all around he told us to back up until the web we created was tight. Explaining how each person on the team was needed for this web to work, he then instructed a couple of people to step forward while holding their part of the web. The sections where a couple of people had moved created a weakening of the web that affected the whole structure. Each person is responsible for doing his or her share in this life, even if it is just to put out positive vibes and not engage in conflict. We are part of a team in so many aspects of our lives which includes: family, work, community, nation and the world.

  2. Lisa says:

    So very true! I love it! You are rokin` awesome and you keep fighting the good fgih! You are one incredibly cool chica!!!!! ❤ ❤ <33

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