When September Ends

Greetings, Friends ~

September has always been a great month. My father celebrates his birthday on the 3rd, and that special birth date is shared by my nephew. It is a unique day for our family since he was the first grandchild. A few days later on the 8th, my beautiful daughter celebrates her entrance onto the planet. Also special, as she is the only granddaughter my parents have and was a much-anticipated addition almost 19 years ago. September 27th is my (late) son’s birthday, which means all three of my parents’ grandchildren were born on the same page of the calendar.

To add, Oregon Septembers force a change in seasons. Leaves plenty begin to change colors and a new landscape is painted by the time October arrives. The country scape becomes even more breathtaking as oranges, reds and yellows are littered among the many shades of green resident in the great Willamette Valley. It is quite a spectacle to witness. September is nestled comfortably between the sizzling apex of West Coast summer heat and the impending rains of Fall and Winter.

2013 will be even more outstanding as the year’s tenth month approaches. At the tail end of writing my first nonfiction book, that accomplishment will mean I have written two full-length books. The first, being a yet-unedited novel, which I finished writing last summer. I recall the feeling of great satisfaction putting my quill aside after aptly crafting the last chapter. Both books will see publication in the months ahead.

For now, I am so busy that I am feeling a burn-out in most areas of my life. Considering I am a hardcore workaholic, that takes some doing. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It will reach me, illuminating my hard work on a project most would think difficult to complete (they would be right). It has been a great month so far but there is much left to do. I will breath a sigh of relief when September ends.

Be well,


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We don't see things as they are. We see things as we are.
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