Making A Difference In A Complex World

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Lately, I have been focusing on the fact that positive thinking will get me much further than negative thinking ever will. That does not mean that I ignore the injustices occurring in our world, especially that which I can affect. It just means that I choose to always find a way to do my part to contribute to the greater good, rather than complaining without offering any solution.

Media, politics, medical care, and the ever-rising financial hits to those middle-class folks like me seem to weigh heavier today than just a few years ago. I believe that there is too much greed now in America. What can I do to ensure this ill behavior does not continue?

I can refuse to participate. Imagine what could happen if we, as American citizens, stopped buying anything that is overpriced and can be purchased elsewhere for a reasonable amount. It takes a bit of effort now, but changes for the greater good always do.

Just last night, I went to a local, popular hardware store to purchase a few light bulbs that are not a standard size. They were priced $7.99 for two, which I knew was outrageous. The man I am dating was with me and I refused to make the purchase, stating that I know these bulbs are much cheaper a few miles away at a different store. It was going to cost a bit more in fuel and take another 30 minutes out of our day, but it was in line with my new commitment not to participate in consumer gouging. Down the road a few miles, we found those same bulbs at $4.99 for twice as many. Rather than paying an obscene $4 per bulb at the expensive hardware store, I paid $1.25 per bulb.

If every one of us did this on items we purchase, that would force fair prices to return. My wish is that each of us can stop saying that we cannot make a difference. We can, individually and together as a community.

Always, when people join together for the greater good, positive changes occur.

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We don't see things as they are. We see things as we are.
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2 Responses to Making A Difference In A Complex World

  1. Grace Sanner says:

    Personally. I resist buying anything like that at full price. I am always looking for sales and keep track of prices on some things I purchase on a regular basis. I used to type articles for a man that had worked for many years as an economist before he retired. I learned a little through reading his thoughts on supply-side economics. We wonder about certain kinds of entertainment, books, magazines, and media. If there is no demand from the public these products wouldn’t exist. A good example is pornography, especially child porn, if there were no desire for these things by a certain segment of the population, there would be no reason to sell these kinds of things. The other part of this is advertising which parades as meeting “needs” such as medications, surgical procedures and beauty products. Advertising convinces people that these kinds of products and needs will solve our problems and create within us a “need” we may not have had before.

    • Jana Brock says:

      I think I get my purchasing tendencies from you. I do the same thing. As for porn, I am disgusted that there is a market for it at all. That type of market should not exist, in my view.

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