I Am Wrong, And So Are You

Greetings, Friends ~

I have been pondering the many interesting things about life on this planet. Animals, trees, nature…and other humans. Aren’t we just the most intriguing of all living things? Certainly, we are the most complex. Well, at least around here.

True to my analytic nature, this pondering of humans has got me reading about things I cannot explain. I am finding that in our country, reports and evidence of things like UFOs, aliens (and such) is hastily “hushed” by…someone. If these sightings and experiences have no bases for truth, my brain has trouble understanding why people in high places work so hard to keep it all quiet. And why is it that those neck-deep in this kind of problem (who publicly share their experiences and evidence) tend to either disappear, wind up in jail or die unexpected deaths? I’m not pointing the finger, by any means. Just saying…

I decided to go around that problem and read stories from other countries. They are not so quick to dismiss their citizens who come forward and report such things. Others who did not witness these unexplained occurrences do still try and disprove those who have, however. All-knowing professionals holding one high degree or another are quick to put forward any alternate possible explanation to discredit people who make these claims. We believe them too, even when the alternate “explanation” is absolutely absurd.

Before you jump the fence and dismiss the conversation entirely, realize I am neutral in many things. Politics, religion, etc. Perhaps for the sake of this one conversation, we could agree that in matters of beliefs which cannot be proven, someday we might learn that I am wrong, and so are you.

We believe that what has been published in “those” books is all there is to it. We know for an absolute fact that teachers are always right; government tells us the absolute truth; news and radio report things as they actually happened; the guy speaking in church is someone worthy of following; all doctors know what is best for our health; and we are sure that whatever side we stand on with regard to any issue – especially those deeply controversial – is correct. Are you absolutely sure what you are buying into as the truth is factual?

Let’s Review Some History

People were once punished for trying to prove the Earth was not flat. Also, our all-knowing human race used to burn women (and men) at the stake as the result of their ability to swim in water when thrown in (proving, of course, they were using witchcraft to stay afloat at a time when witchcraft was a high crime). As we all know, only magic can cause someone to swim. Those are two examples of what the masses once “knew” to be true. Let us continue.

Women could not work professionally outside the home. (As time went by, however, if in a tight-fitting skirt, they might be okay to serve as a secretary to a man-in-charge). Females were not supposed to talk back to men or express opinions openly. They also were not allowed to vote. Along those lines, black people could not ride on the same bus as a white person. Interracial marriages were not tolerated.

Those with dark skin could not shop in the same stores, nor keep company in public with a white man. They were tormented relentlessly for even wanting an education (some killed for “stepping out of line”). They were slaves for the white and wealthy. They deserved to be ridiculed just by the very fact they were not white. Same with gays and lesbians. They were to be banished from society entirely.

Over many generations, high Priests (respected by masses of followers) molested and raped our planet’s children behind closed doors. People follow them still with no severe change in process, and they do so in complete faith. When this twisted behavior is again discovered, we simply replace them with someone “more” trustworthy.

Looking back over where we came from, one has to wonder why people would still risk being “so sure” about any single subject which cannot possibly be known.

We Go Too Far

It is one thing to hold fast to our belief systems. That, I can respect. However, we live in a special world where many people take that a step too far and belittle others for sharing extraordinary experiences.

These all-knowing humans behave as though they are omnipotent. They know all, see all and are happy to tell you everything about…everything. Not all people, of course. But you know what I am talking about. These are the folks you will hear laughing like they are six years old at even the mention of, say, a UFO or alien sighting.

They know with certainty that there are no alien spaceships. It is also impossible for aliens to exist. And our government and military never covers anything up. No conspiracy has ever existed, nor do they exist now. Americans are always told the truth when taxpayer dollars are involved and no alternate agendas exist with regard to wars, politics and religion. And every single person involved in the military, government, pharmaceutical company and otherwise is first concerned about your well-being. It is never money or power that drives their actions.

When we look into the skies at night at all the countless stars, planets and god-knows-what-else is up there, we should all continue the sure-of-all-things mindset that this is it. There cannot possibly be even one more planet or star, nor any single place inside or outside of our universe where other intelligent beings might exist. Even if they did, there is absolutely no way they can get to Earth. After all, we humans are the most intelligent race that could ever be, and we are never wrong about anything [sarcasm intended].

I have to scratch my head and wonder how any person with no direct “contact” experience feels qualified to hold a sure position one way or the other. For that matter, the thousands of religions that all say they are right, and everyone else is wrong. I could go on and on, but I won’t. I cannot say what happens elsewhere or to some other person, and I certainly cannot speak to how or why we got here on Earth in the first place. I am just here every single day tending to my own life.

Unlike those that who emphatically state that if it did not happen to them or in their presence, it did not happen at all, I was not born omnipotent. Along with some others I know, we missed the bus that took the all-knowing, authoritative humans to other planets and universes to verify their very strong positions about what is and what is not. One would have had to been everywhere and seen everything in order to qualify them to challenge these alien and UFO encounters. Perhaps I am just jealous. I did not get to go with them.

Be well,



About Jana Brock

We don't see things as they are. We see things as we are.
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2 Responses to I Am Wrong, And So Are You

  1. Thanks for the thoughts, Jana. It’s amazing to me, too, some things that happen and are “explained away” with ridiculosity! We each have our feelings and suspicions about things, but “learn” to keep quiet around those who disagree. I know that some things do happen, and whether it’s physically or spiritually, I don’t know. Some day we’ll see ….

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