September Till Then

Greetings, Friends ~

August left quietly in the great Willamette Valley of Oregon. The month of my favor is always September – a time when the sun gives way to cooling evenings and southerly winds.

The Pacific Northwest boasts one of the most beautiful Fall seasons on the map. As each day progresses, so will the depth of color and hue. Various shades of green will begin to brighten, illuminating the ground with oranges, yellows and reds approaching October. By month’s end, we begin to lose evidence that Summer was here at all.

Today, the streets will be littered with buses and children bound to and from school. Holiday sales end as retailers scramble to mark down prices on fashions that do not bode well with Autumn. Outdoor activities begin to wane as fellow residents prepare for a nearing season that carries with it apt rainfall.

Though I enjoy them immensely, summertime here is brief. Seasons change quickly when heat rolls into the valley. It exits just as swift.

The smell of neighboring grills make evening nostalgic in a good way. Beautiful plants in the yard give way to flowers and the garden yields food absent of chemicals and process. Work is heavy in the warmth, but I remain grateful for every outdoor chore. Those are opportunities to make everything look fresh and new again while taking advantage of a too-scarce sun in the opposing months.

The definite seasons of this majestic valley are a blessing to its dwellers. Though partial to September and the onset of Fall, I do wish the seasons did not change so quickly this time of year. Alas, Mother Nature has a scenic backdrop to maintain, and this type of beauty carries with it the price tag of wet, unyielding weather.

Till then, we have September.

Be well,


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4 Responses to September Till Then

  1. Topaz says:

    Makes me nostalgic for seasons in the US – here in Singapore we only have hot and rainy seasons, but I do remember when there was snow during winter, leaves underfoot during autumn, hot, lazy days during summer, and a sense of new beginnings during spring. Such beautiful descriptions you have – thank you for sharing! xx

    • Jana Brock says:

      Singapore! What a great place to live! I have seen some beautiful pictures of your city. The states here do have beautiful places this time of year, especially Oregon. And you are welcome 😉

  2. Lisa Bradford says:

    I always enjoy your blogs. You are a very talented and gifted writer. Be well – Blessings!

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