Really Bad Bosses – Escape Draft

Esteemed Colleagues, Fellow Authors and Dedicated Readers:

I recently realized that an article I had not completed was published inadvertently as a draft. Not once, but several times this past week. This means that my naked, unedited and disorganized thoughts made their way to you via email.


Kindly disregard if you did receive “Really Bad Bosses.” It was to be a great piece of work – a discussion on just how fortunate I feel having an amazing supervisor while so many others in our world do not. Our upcoming generations seem to be struggling to find such a blessing in their careers, and that presently seemed a worthy topic.

No matter. In the end, I decided not to finalize nor publish it. I was not aware that prior, several of you had already received drafts.

On a positive note, I want to sincerely thank you for following me here and reading my work. I always appreciate hearing from you – be it comments, emails or via social networking.

Be well,



About Jana Brock

We don't see things as they are. We see things as we are.
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6 Responses to Really Bad Bosses – Escape Draft

  1. Don’t know if it helps, but I don’t think I got it (been having computer trouble). I would be horrified if I wrote some things down, still thinking about how to put it together, and then found out it was published! Yikes! Looking forward to our next meeting — hopefully in January!

  2. Hey, I finally put up a new one on my blog — took your advice! Thanks — I didn’t get a hit for over a month. Other times, quite a few. That’s the way it goes, I guess….

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