Authors of Ash Creek Writers Move Forward in 2015

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Ash Creek Writers

Fellow Authors and Readers ~

We would like to start out by wishing each of you a safe and happy entry of what promises to be another great year. As 2015 unfolds, we are mindful of fellow writers who continue a quest to provide the world with great literary works. Around our ever-spinning planet, imaginations spawn ideas for aspiring writers. Closer to home, however, two of our authors have completed new manuscripts.

Just Keep Breathing, by Jana Brock, follows a significant event which changed Brock’s life entirely. Though nonfiction, it is written so that even those unfamiliar with the subject matter can relate. This book speaks to readers on an emotional level, inspiring us to embrace circumstances so powerful they can change our lives forever. Just Keep Breathing will be ready for sale sometime in January in both paperback and e-book from major stores such as Amazon and Barnes…

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About Jana Brock

We don't see things as they are. We see things as we are.
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