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Fellow Authors ~

Having done I a good deal of research on large publishing companies for possible acceptance of my manuscripts, I have learned a lot. For starters, taking that path to publication would mean not reaching goals I have worked toward all these years. I would also have to give up rights to my own work in addition to accepting unfair compensation for my books.

After deciding the large publishing houses were not the best fit for me, I looked into self-publishing. I determined quickly it was not my thing, either. Hours turned into days and months of searching for the right outlet for Just Keep Breathing. Because I have other books in the pipeline which are also ready to release this year, I wanted to find a solid publisher – someone established in this business. A fellow author recommended I look into Starry Night Publishing. At long last, my search was over. They offered me exactly what I needed.


Starry Night Publishing is not about greed. They are about helping good writers succeed as known authors. This company will handle your manuscript with integrity, answer endless questions and publish your book on time. If your manuscript is not ready for publication when submitted, you will be told that up front. In addition to countless perks of publishing with Starry Night, the CEO is genuinely a nice person.

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6 Responses to Starry Night Publishing

  1. Kristina A. Larson says:

    Hi Jana,
    I have also heard very positive things about Starry Night Publishing, which is quite refreshing amidst all these other self-publishing companies that care more about their wallets than anything else! However, there are a few cynics on the writerbeware website who are a bit leery….I don’t know, maybe some of them have seen too many “scammy” vanity/self-publishing companies and have just decided not to trust them anymore; maybe they just don’t like self-publishing companies (some people just don’t, don’t ask). I think the negative comments that got me were: “I think the reason this company (Starry Night Publishing) has so few bad reviews is that the people (who were scammed by them) are too embarrassed to admit anything….” (Umm, sounds like a Catholic church scandal more than anything),, and “an article where CEO Richard Hartmetz ‘disses” his competitors (Author House, XLIbris, Trafford,, and other Author Solutions-owned companies.) Hello–he wasn’t ‘dissing’ them–he was stating the facts: Those companies and their parent company are scams. I know, I was scammed by Xlibris (along with several thousand others).
    and it was quite distressing, especially with my sister screaming at me like a rabid mink and calling me a f#cking idiot. (She really does love me, though!)

  2. robert bettelheim says:

    I cannot reach Starry night through email from Israel. Why would that be? {}
    Is the address he gave me.

  3. Robert Bettelheim says:

    Richard Hartmetz is the best that I have been in touch with. He has published five of my works. He is prompt and reliable. One must send a finished work with pertinent instructions. I can definitely recommend Starry night publishing.

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