Does Your Mindset Affect Your Life?

Does your mindset directly affect your life? History says yes. Common sense says, yes. Personal experience says yes. What do historic studies have to say about mindset?

Studies Show…

Let’s take a quick look at the growth-versus-fixed mindsets published in Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, by Carol Dweck, PhD. This 2007 book discusses a few familiar concepts. However, she refers to them as “growth” and “fixed”.  Her long-term studies reaffirm what we have known for years. People can drastically alter the direction of their lives by changing their beliefs and behaviors. Our mindset can deeply impact the course of our lives.

People with a growth mindset tend to: search for ways to improve themselves and attain their goals; view failures as a chance to learn so they can change their process; enjoy challenges; are dedicated to keep moving forward, regardless the effort involved; enjoy learning; model those who have succeeded before them; believe they can improve all areas of themselves; be more transparent; believe in their potential and that they determine what happens to them; take criticism well; think for themselves and hence, control their own lives and take risks.

People with a fixed mindset tend to: shy away from challenges and risks; be more interested in seeking approval than accomplishing goals; see a failed attempt as a negative; have negative thoughts that hold them back; blame others rather than taking responsibility; feel as though they must prove they are smart; be threatened by successful people; believe that they cannot change their level of talent or intelligence; do not take criticism well; do not try as hard as positive-thinking people.

Of course, there are many other attributes and variations of mindsets. And there is a lot missing in modern studies. In fact, perhaps most of the vital information is yet to be known, even though the habits of humans are easy to identify. For purposes of the Dweck study, the concepts of “growth” and “fixed”  could also align closely with the negative versus positive mindset, or optimist versus pessimist. Many today also know that we can change anything in our present reality by changing our thoughts and not allowing others to tell us what or how to think. Positive thinking alone does cause much to happen of and by itself. A change in the underlying drivers of that thinking does.

Your Mindset Moving Forward

Regardless where we live, our background or cultural history, there is one thing we can always choose and that is our state of mind. We can be negative, positive, optimistic or pessimistic. There is plenty of evidence apparent in today’s world to show that negative, submissive mindsets have let us to no good place. As well, we may have to look at some fairly negative issues in order to have a positive outlook so that our thoughts are actually based upon realities. Dweck and other studies align with the many benefits of being positive, joyous and harmonious across the board.  The benefits of knowing your own mind and making changes for the better are limitless. The wisest of humans throughout history have told us that in order to change the world, we must first change our thoughts. We are living in a time when changes in the world are a must.

You Choose

Our minds are powerful tools which are capable of survival, success, problem-solving, massive change, healing, imagination, creativity – the list goes on. Limitations we place on ourselves and our lives come from either programming, perceptions, beliefs or fear. Many of the systems in our modern world are built on the knowledge that humans can be controlled by this negativity, especially fear. A lot of those outdated methods have played out in our societies already. We can turn that around by retraining our minds and refusing to participate in anything  harmful or damaging. Regardless what is going on in your life presently, that is a very good place to start.

If you want to be something different, choose something different. It is entirely up to you!



Jana Brock in Louisiana

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3 Responses to Does Your Mindset Affect Your Life?

  1. bigdog5109 says:

    Hi beautiful!  This is so true and you’ve done a great job spelling it out!  Thank you for always helping me to open my eyes, my heart & my mind!  I love you sweetheart!  Larry

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  2. Thanks, Jana! A great motivator. Onward and upward!

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