How Positive is Positive?

Ever wonder why so many successful people say that solving problems is really just a matter of positive thinking? Think positive and things will be better; change your mindset and change your life; positive thinking brings positive results. It is important to be positive, smile and stay upbeat. However, it is also very important to pay attention to the foundation of those positive thoughts.


Today, information comes at us so fast that we scarcely question why we think the way we do. Our mainstream societies are full of realities that most good people would wholly reject. Why do these bad conditions exist on such a large scale? Because we accept ill-intended concepts unknowingly.

The process of assuring we consume unhealthy information has become prevalent through desensitizing – a technique used in mind control. Objectionable ideas are fed to us slowly and with consistent repetition so that we become familiar with them. When our minds become comfortable seeing that which we otherwise find unacceptable, our thinking changes. We have become desensitized to all manner of atrocities and now view them as normal. If we are not paying attention to the messaging embedded in what we watch, read and listen to, we have no idea what is adversely affecting us.


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It is much like the frog in the water scenario. A frog sitting in a pan of water on the stove will not notice what is happening if the heat is turned up very slowly. He will die rather than jumping out because he got accustomed to the increasing heat. Conversely, if you were to place that same frog into a pan of very hot water, he is going to immediately realize the danger and jump right out.

How Mind Control Affects You

To demonstrate this concept, let us examine how the corrupt get people to do their bidding. Adolf Hitler used messaging directed at the subconscious minds of his followers through repetition. He convinced the masses that Jews needed to be exterminated. Over time, his psychotic ideas became familiar to people. He had successfully influenced the thoughts of millions, convincing them that his agenda of genocide was necessary. Hitler was said to be responsible for the deaths of six million people during the Holocaust.

Think about that for a moment. When others are able to manipulate the way we think, they control what we accept as our reality. That reality has a direct influence on our behaviors and actions. Once we become aware of these techniques, we can see everything for what it is. Intention is important, as is the energy behind messaging. Our positive thoughts can be built on a flawed foundation and hence, produce no good results.

Could these same techniques be used for good? Absolutely. First, we must make people aware of what is happening so we have an informed public. People do not much appreciate being manipulated. The problem is that our societies either do not know how these techniques work or they believe they are unaffected.

We presently live in a world where we have allowed money and its associated power to corrupt our mainstream systems and processes. Hence, our thinking has been adversely affected to align with those who do not have our best interests at heart. Since money determines who and what is in control, the elitists have full reign. They long ago figured out how to desensitize the masses and shape our views to ensure their continued wealth. That obscene wealth means more power and control over our systems and societies. It is a viscous cycle which is adversely affecting a large part of our world today.

Hitler’s regime was a brutal force of no-good. Regardless, the same mind control techniques he used are now the backbone of our mainstream movies, television, news media, social media, disinformation practices, product marketing and everything that influences us. A great deal of free resources exist on this topic. One short video, Rule From the Shadows, is a good introduction of these concepts. To view that video, click here: Rule From the Shadows. 

Getting Back in Control


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Positive thoughts are important, but what they are based upon is crucial. If we were participating in Hitler’s regime, we might be very positive that today’s method of eliminating humans will succeed. That is positive thinking, is it not? Positive thinking in that context is based on very bad things and is fueled by a significantly dark energy. We can smile all day long while we are doing it. It is is still murder.

In order to ensure that positive thinking produces positive results, we need to realize the hidden messaging embedded in information we consume. What is the intent of what we are accepting as normal? Is it good or is it bad? Who does it benefit? The techniques discussed here are used most widely in the entertainment industry. We do not need to ignore everything we find relaxing or pleasurable. However, if we expect to ensure that ill-conceived ideas do not continue to infiltrate our minds and adversely affect us, we must become aware of what is seeding our thoughts.

It is also important to be mindful of how appearance is used in our societies today. Just because something shows up in a pretty little box with a bow on top does not automatically ensure its contents are good for us. Taking control of that which shapes our thoughts and recognizing it for what it is ensures that we control our views, behaviors and actions. When we are in control, our intentions and energies can be focused toward the positive. This benefits not only us, but the world around us.

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