Realize Your True Purpose

There is a deep knowing within each of us – a place where true fulfillment and purpose lives. It is that persistent whisper that continues to gently nudge us. We know we will not be content until we pay attention.

One of the quickest ways we can get ourselves aligned with our own life purpose is to develop a mindset of giving rather than getting. Some might say that contribution is the key that unlocks the door to abundance. Regardless of societal teachings, belief systems or upbringing, there are universal, natural laws at play. One such law says that life supports that which supports life. Contribution is supportive of a positive life. It has always worked that way.

There are many reasons why we may not yet have recognized our true purpose. We are too tired or we stay distracted; we have limiting beliefs or misconceptions about the powerful nature of our thouFAB_6792ghts; getting what we truly want seems overwhelming; or we get stuck on complaints rather than solutions.

A great first step is to schedule some quiet time to think. Turn off the music, phone and television and just sit quietly for 15-20 minutes. Think about how you would answer this question:  If money were not a factor, what would I do with my life every day?  Most people can answer that question once they give it some quiet thought.

Now, answer these questions: How can I do whatever that is while positively contributing to the world around me? What does the world need right now? Though our systems often do not teach this reality, we already have the potential, intelligence and knowledge to align ourselves with purpose.

Focus on contribution and know that your gifts and talents are greatly needed, especially today. When we live in alignment with our own true purpose, we not only contribute to the world, but we find lasting fulfillment and happiness. How could we not?  Doing what we were meant to do ensures we are operating naturally and become our very best. It is who we were meant to be and how we were meant to live. No one can define that for us.

Happiness and fulfillment never came from monetary wealth. That is flawed information we are taught from a very young age. When we focus only on getting money or are driven by greed, our natural creativity is stifled. It also separates us from what we really want. When we are not true to who we really are, lasting fulfillment continues to elude us. Many rich and famous people have said that when they act against their true purpose they are not happy, nor fulfilled. Failing to honor true purpose causes continued internal conflict. True success, happiness and fulfillment comes from within, not from a high balance in a bank account.

A a mindset of contribution goes hand-in-hand with abundance. Abundance might mean something different for you than it does for someone else. Abundance can include monetary wealth as well, but money cannot be the foundation for happiness.  We were not meant to be slaves to money. Let the money come after purpose. For now, focus on abundance by knowing you already have what you need. If you desire monetary wealth, then you can bring that into your life as well. Just be careful that it is not the only reason you do what you do. When you are in alignment with purpose and contribution, then you will naturally have greater abundance. You get to decide how abundant your life will be and what form that abundance takes.

Start where you are by helping whomever you can, even if it is one person. Giving to others does not need to be monetary. It can be a kind word to someone either known or unknown to you. It might be sending a card for well wishes to a friend you have not seen in a while or someone who could use some encouragement. Or, it can simply be posting something positive on one of your social media sites and doing that day after day. Build from there. Remember, life will support you when you choose to support life.what do dreams know of boundaries

There is nothing more fulfilling than living your purpose. In line with your purpose you must contribute. Those two things working together creates abundance. Turn off the noise of the world around you, dream more, serve more and be who you want to be!

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