The Significance of Your Name

There is much ado today about freedom, system corruptions and our ability to think for ourselves. A great deal of information has been published over the past decade on resolving these problems. One of the topics presently within our view is the name we were given at birth and how our handling of that name has affected – well – just about everything. We have unknowingly accepted popular mindsets and hence, give little thought as to what we should do differently.

Shaping Our Views

Subtlety is a method used heavily in our societies today. How do we become convinced that something which is harmful to us is acceptable? As we know, slowly introducing that which we would otherwise reject assures that we begin to see it as normal. Some refer to this as a form of mind control. I initially rejected that idea because of pride – plain and simple.

Once I returned to the study of freedoms and law, I quickly realized that, like it or not, mind control is at play in every facet of our present world. For those who are too young to have seen this first-hand, there used to be a show called, I Love Lucy which aired from 1951-1957 on what was then lucille-ball-402602_640considered to be prime time TV.  In one season, the main character was pregnant, but CBS would not allow that word to be used. Instead, they referred to it as her “condition”.  Also, at that time, we did not view couples in bed together, as that was still respected and kept out of public view. There was no nudity or heavy sexual content on mainstream, accessible television.

Today, we can scarcely watch a hamburger commercial without seeing heavy sexual content. Prime time television, music, movies or other entertainment are laden with overt sexual imagery. The common definition of pornography is, “Material…that depicts erotic behavior and is intended to cause sexual excitement.” Cited: Miriam-Webster Dictionary Online, 2016. This display of sex within our purview is one of countless examples where something we may have otherwise rejected was introduced over time.

This same desensitizing process has occurred with regard to how people view themselves and the structure of life around them. Additionally, their legal name has played a large role in vast amounts of information which was historically hidden from us by those who operate in the shadows.

It would be dishonest to say that our world is in good shape – even if our own careers, finances and otherwise seem to be doing okay. Debt, poverty, homelessness, rising health problems, dying oceans and forests, poison skies and a myriad of other issues are of monumental concern and will soon reach an apex. While the masses were focused on political debates, warring and the evening news, the big-picture problems slipped right by unnoticed. These techniques have been used to distract us. While our attention was focused elsewhere…

What Is In A Name?

dollar-941246_640What is in your name? Simply stated – money. If you study into law, history and the government, you will find that upon your arrival on this planet your parents unknowingly entered you into an implied contract with the Federal government by way of application of your birth certificate. That document was used to connect your name to the process of commerce. The original birth certificate (which you cannot get your hands on) makes it ways to the Depository Trust Company. Why? Because it is an extremely valuable document.

As you grew, you were told you needed legal identification, a social security card, a passport, et cetera.  In fact, signing the SS-5 Form (social security form you were told was required before you could legally work in the U.S.) is how you volunteered to pay taxes. There is much controversy about that too. These are facts we did not learn in school. In fact, our signatures have consistently created destructive, damning contracts with our governments. You were not told that either, were you?

Before you get angry with the girl who works at your local motor vehicles office or police department, realize that she is clueless about these facts. Governments are controlled at very high levels. I worked most of my adult life as a government or system employee. I can assure you this is not a topic for Monday morning staff meetings. If anything, those at high levels of governments go to great lengths to keep system employees uninformed. That includes federal, state and local government employees, managers, directors, et cetera.

Your birth certificate is actually a bond and hence, a debt instrument. You believe it was used only to identify the real flesh-and-blood you. In reality, it was also used to create a second version of you – a fictitious entity. You can quickly recognize the difference in these two entities by noticing the way your name is written. Your real-person name would be written this way:  John Doe. The fictitious entity you believe is you and which is used in commerce has that same name. In this case, however, it is written in all capital letters like this: JOHN DOE.

Examine your phone bill, driver’s license, tax statement, birth certificate, court documents, marriage license, house deed and credit card statements. You will see that your name always appears in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. This is not a mistake on the part of our system. It is intentional and it means something.

In legalese (the language of law), this second entity or fictitious version of you is called, ens legis. Ens legis is defined as: “A creature of the law; an artificial being, as contrasted with a natural person. Applied to corporations, considered as deriving their existence entirely from the law.” Cited: The Law Dictionary Online, orig. def. Black’s Law Dictionary. For ease of reference, some refer to this second, ens legis version of you as THE STRAWMAN. Others call it the CORPORATION or FICTION or PAPER you.  It is not the real flesh-and-blood-working-man (or woman) you.

Regardless the various ways to which it is referred, it is ens legis and it signifies your name becoming a corporation. Corporations carry debt. You can see why so many people today are talking about debt enslavement and are beginning to look for solutions. Our modern systems are busy at work trying to discredit anyone bringing this fact into the light of day.  Of course they are – why wouldn’t they?

The elitists (ruling families, bankers, Federal Reserve) all have a disgustingly high level of wealth, power and control that is at stake if people wake up to these realities and stop participating. There is a great deal at stake for them. We have everything to gain – they have everything to lose. And they should lose. A lot can be learned about the Federal Reserve by reading books like, The Creature From Jekyll Island.  A fairly good video is located here:  CLICK HERE for Century of Enslavement (will open in new tab so you can come back here and keep reading).

The Problem

A surety is basically someone who takes responsibility for another’s performance of an undertaking such as payment of a debt or an appearance in court. Synonyms of surety in this context would be “guarantor” or “sponsor”.  Just as it is important to understand the surety concept as it relates to us, we also need to have a foundational understanding of how commerce works. In that, learning the role the ens legis plays is paramount.

Commerce is the process of selling or buying. It relies on you being the surety for the ens legis you. In other words, the flesh and blood or “real” you has assumed the liability of the ens legis or fiction character (STRAWMAN). The ens legis is not you, however. You are you. Since ens legis was originally intended to be used in the process of our exchange of goods and services, it is neither good nor bad in and of itself. However, as is the case often, certain people very high up – over the heads of those we view as our leaders – have greatly misused this real-you and ens legis situation.

One does not need to be well-accustomed with law and how our systems operate to know that the world is in a state of great disrepair. This is especially concerning in the context of commerce because as things stand now, it adversely affects each one of us. Presently, it is difficult for most real flesh-and-blood man or woman to earn a sustainable income regardless how many jobs they hold. Also, we are paying upwards of 45-50% taxes (we pay many taxes of which we are not aware). This is indicative that something is awry.

It is obvious that our sweat labor and hard work is serving some great wealth existing at the top. That wealth is at the expense of our energy. Most people do not want to give their energy toward those who are ill-intended. euro-447214_640Over time, we became desensitized to what was occurring in commerce and how the whole debt system relies on our ignorance.

Many do not understand the difference between real money and fiat currency, nor do they have years to study these topics in order to return to a state of organic freedom. Less-known legal studies must be done in order to understand the Constitution and how it was actually created and used – its true purpose. System our education systems are controlled as well, our college degrees ensure we focus on the history the system wants us to learn. It should come as no surprise that printed history books (to include that which is taught at universities today) is not entirely accurate.

One must come to understand Ces tui Qui (pronounced set-a-kay) Trust and why that is so important when solving problems involving our name, ownership of our own body, our birth certificates and the realities of freedom. For lack of space here, I will just condense the entirety of the problem.

Our energy and sweat labor is used to feed greedy industrialists, bankers and those who know what is going on yet do nothing to inform us of the realities. They also do not inform system employees (public servants). In your name and by energy which belongs solely to you, impossibly high war, national and international debts are addressed. Taxes are only the tip of the iceberg in this context, though there are problems with taxation as well. I do not speak of just present country debts wherever you may live but those incurred long before you or even your grandparents arrived on this planet.

It is easy to become overwhelmed trying to figure out what went wrong and how to get disentangled from the problems we are experiencing as a result. To add, there is an unfathomable amount of money allocated in an effort to keep us separated from the knowledge of existing realities. Once you learn and are able to see things for what they are, it is likely you will not much appreciate what has happened not only to you, but every single person known and unknown to you. That said, we want to remain solution-oriented and keep our energy in a good state. It matters – a lot.

Help Is On The Way

There is much good about our systems today. Because there are some powerful people who are not well-intended, we are witnessing the suffering of many so that a few can richly profit. That has been a problem at some level throughout history, though we have now reached a point where something must be done to avoid the entire collapse of not only our human-based systems but the ecosystem and the health of our entire planet.

Many good people across the planet are working hard to decode the very complex legalese in order to resolve our present problems.  Those teaching commercial redemption and true freedom are sometimes considered to be rebellious or “on the fringe” of our modern systems. However, they are the ones bringing once-hidden truths about our names, birth certificates and our birthright status into the light so that we each have an opportunity to understand what occurred and how to resolve the monumental mess it has created for humanity.

Look beyond the rhetoric of those larger, mainstream systems who have great interest in keeping us all uninformed, dumbed-down and financially enslaved. Now is a time to support the brave few who are stepping forward to lead humanity in a better and more healthy direction.  Set societal peer pressure aside the do some research for yourself – these facts are easily verifiable though the study can be intense and take some time.

A good place to start is to search YouTube for videos on commercial redemption, secured party creditors, et cetera. Keep in mind that those teaching these technologies do not have the financial backing that the elitists (bankers, military industrial complex, the Fed, higher-ups in governments) has, so their information is presented as just that – information. No fancy studios or layouts. No trained actors or reasons to present false information to you. They are just educators working hard to bring you much-needed information.  Sometimes, it is wise to just go with the flow of the world. In this case, however, the road less traveled is worth exploring.


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