5 Reasons To Create Thoughtful Blogs

monument-1027554_960_720Truly fulfilled people are positive people. They have an uncanny ability to present information in a way that it is received well by the general public. Writing good content allows a writer to discuss all kinds of topics, even the controversial, and still attract followers. That doesn’t mean we should avoid addressing difficult issues. It just means our style of writing can help us connect with people, even when they do not agree with our perspectives.

For example, if you write about the benefits of natural medicine, you might share information that argues the overall effectiveness of current mainstream medical practices (western medicine). This information might be considered confrontational to mainstream medical experts who practice here in the West. Sometimes, there is a time to be confrontational, but style in presentation matters – a lot.

Most writers wish to minimize the possibility of negative, attacking comments and heavy debates. Most readers prefer content that adds value, improves their life in some way or just makes them feel good overall. They also enjoy reading articles that make them feel connected to the author. Taking steps to present information in the best way possible before clicking the publish button can save time and ward off unwanted negative interactions.

Here are five (of countless) reasons to be thoughtful and present your prose in the most positive context possible.

  1. Your emotional energy comes across in your published work. For example, when bloggers consistently use ALL CAPS or exclamation points, readers often feel as though they are being yelled at through the writing. Most people do not like to feel as though they have just been word-lashed. Images also evoke a certain response. Passion can be expressed more effectively by ensuring post content reflects a writer’s positive emotion, even when the information presented is steeped in controversy. As writers and authors, we want to draw in readers, not repel them.
  2. We like to have hope. Regardless the topic you are writing about, leave your readers with hope that problems can be resolved. Include ideas or suggestions for improving the challenge at hand, especially when you are writing about a controversial topic. If you offer solutions or alternative perspectives, you give your readers a reason to come back.
  3. Positive people attract positive people. We love to interact with humans who make us feel better by being in their presence. Writing can be used to attract people of a like mindset – positive or negative. Readers will notice the tone of your work even if it is only on a subconscious level.
  4. There is an upside to everything. We all have rough times. In fact, some of the most effective teachers on this planet have overcome a great deal of difficulties in life. The difference between successful people and those who still struggle is the ability to realize the good that exists in the problems they face. Even if you are discussing difficult topics, be that writer who searches for the good in an otherwise bad situation. Use your writing to give them hope. In our present world, hope is a critical necessity.
  5. Positive people are viewed as trustworthy. Regardless whether you are a hobby blogger or a professional writer, you want to be viewed as trustworthy. Writing only negative or heavy content could hurt your following and damage your reputation long-term.

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2 Responses to 5 Reasons To Create Thoughtful Blogs

  1. Lisa Bradford says:

    Hello Jana, I did enjoy reading your Blog in which I not only learned some things about myself but how our attitude and mindset come through in our writing. Constructive critisism can be hard but I am grateful to have read this. Helpful on many areas. Thank you.

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