Speak With Your Voice, Not Theirs

Scrolling through social media news feeds reminds me why I despise high-level politics. This campaign process has made it clear that a high number of Americans feel the same. Even the least informed among us are witnessing their worst nightmares unfold. To be considered for American leadership, corruption just shows its ID badge and walks right past the gatekeepers of morality.

Make no mistake. Whoever gets into office, hell is coming with them. That person will be indoctrinated quickly and commit to advancing the systematic removal of our rights and freedoms – whatever form that takes. The past few decades of a declining America have proven that much. This election is not about the citizens of this country choosing who they want as president. It is a fight to keep the worse of two evils out.

America’s high-level politics have become an expansive web of lies, cover-ups and ridiculous complexity. Though not a desirable process in the past, 2016 sets a new standard of decline as we witness repeated displays of absolute idiocy on the political front. At this point, it makes little sense to pay allegiance to one side or the other. Right wing and left wing are both used as divisive tools. Within public view, those wings do not appear to operate in tandem. No matter which wing you choose, you are still part of the same bird.

Americans do not need to agree on beliefs or political perspectives to commit to the process of beneficial change. We need to find common ground – a place of neutrality where solution-oriented minds meet in the middle to forward-1276283_1920build a better future. If we expect to right the wrongs of our past, we cannot keep doing the same things that led us here. Continuing to take up sides against one another will do nothing to create a positive evolution of our governing system.

Want Change? Be Change

We want to believe the United States system of leadership is built on a foundation of integrity, effective politics and transparency. However, the scars proving otherwise are evident in every single state from East Coast to West. Americans live in a house with a flawed foundation. Putting a new addition on that house will not fix the base it stands on.

Perhaps we should consider that big-stage politics occurs somewhat by design. A political actor delivers information that, if we allow it, shapes and molds our perspective on significant issues placed within our view. The real intention of the actor’s message is about as transparent as the nameless, faceless people pulling their strings. Regardless how things really work in those high places, one thing is certain. This campaign has caused a significant loss of faith in our leadership selection process.

thumb-1013968_1920How do we overcome this problem? For starters, we could stop fighting and commit to a change in the way we respond to the politics that have become steeped in corruption and are subject to corporate infiltration. We can refuse to take the bait of smooth-talking, wealth-backed candidates who know how get people to swallow a hook. Bait appears to be attractive at first. However, it is always followed by pain.

Americans have become wise to this country’s election process. They are no longer willing to be told they must choose one of two poorly-selected official candidates. The disengagement of the American voters is a call to action. Each one of us can choose something different.

Vote Your Choice – Not Theirs

Being in a position to choose between bad and even worse creates discomfort. Which face of evil is better? Because of a very controlled media system, it’s hard to tell. Either way, the election date draws near. That means each of us are faced with a difficult decision. Whatever we choose as individuals, let it be our own choice and not the choice of a system that has failed to represent its people.

If you believe a vote for one candidate or the other will not matter in big-picture American life, you are in good company. There is a third option. Using our ballots, we can send a collective message about this polluted political process. Choosing between one of their candidates feels like having no choice at all. In order to have a real choice, we can exercise our right to write a different name on our ballot. For those who do not believe the vote counts anyway, there is nothing to lose.

This campaign is riddled with heavy debate, controversy, corruption and a blatant disregard for what this country needs. We need not argue the details of why. Either way, whatever happens as a result of this election, the citizens will be told later ballot-160569_1280that their vote is to blame. That being a historic problem, we may as well place a vote that actually represents our true preference.

For ethical reasons, I will not vote for a candidate whom I will never respect, nor trust. Frankly, I would sooner vote for my pet who is, at least, loyal. The only way either of the two official candidates will get my vote is if they steal it.

To be clear, writing in an alternative choice for president will not get them into office. The point is to send a strong message to our high-level leadership that: 1) We refuse to be told we must choose between bad and even worse; 2) Corporate wealth and influence has no place in the election process and the American government; 3) We will only support candidates who are truly committed to positive and sustainable big-picture change; 4) We will only support candidates who have absolute integrity and are deserving of a presidential position; and 5) The 2016 election process does not represent what the citizens of this country want and we damn well know it.

America should not have a circus-sideshow presidential election process that shines a spotlight on the immense decline of a once-great country. We are witnessing the evidence of a mess we have either created or allowed. Whatever your perspective on the present state of affairs, how you vote is entirely up to you. Speak with your voice, not theirs.


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