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Jana Brock has been writing for over 30 years. She has numerous small publications to her credit, including a book of poetry which is presently in rewrite. Brock has taught classes in grant writing, Constitutional Law (sub instructor) and topics required for local and state government stakeholders. She continues her education today and is presently developing several courses, including critique and editing for accredited online education.

Brock has professional backgrounds in both law and emergency management. Her positions in these fields required her to write complex and technical documents over many years which enhanced her writing abilities and resulted in national publication of her work. In addition to her regular employment, Brock has maintained her creative writing.

Having served as President of long-running, organized writer’s organization (Salem Writers, Artists and Publishers) Brock still maintains membership in a local group where writers gather to exercise, edit and critique writing. She has won writing contests for inclusion in several fiction compilations. Jana Brock’s recent nonfiction book, Just Keep Breathing, is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other literary outlets in paperback and ebook formats.

Jana Brock is working on several projects including development of training on her Inspiration Fanatic site.  Concurrently, she is preparing to release her light-hearted, anything-but-ordinary life skills book, Recipes From the Vault. Also scheduled for publication is Brock’s novel, The Rose Wall. This book is the first of a fiction trilogy in the supernatural genre.

Brock lives in the great Willamette Valley of Oregon with her husband, Larry.

6 Responses to About the Author

  1. G. M. Curtis says:

    I am looking forward to reading your book when it come out! Keep writing!!!

  2. Tammi Jo Bellshaw says:

    Can’t wait until I get to read both books!! Definitely keep writing. You might just be inspiring me to start writing.

  3. Good heavens, you are one busy and incredibly skilled woman. An absolute powerhouse of intellect and creativity. Well done on the upcoming books!

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